I feel very overwhelmed and have a lot going through my head. I have already recognized the importance of human connection because the language barrier is harder than I expected. Not only does it make it difficult to request basic needs on a day to day basis, but it is also quite challenging to get close to and connect with people.

The individuals I have met here so far are very sweet—mainly through their demeanor. In trying to communicate with them I realize how reliant I am on my language and words. But how else can I communicate?

What would we do if we didn’t have language? How would we think? How would we know what to do or what we want? How would our lives be different? It’s hard to fully grasp that people can communicate so differently in different parts of the worlds and therefore think differently about the world.

Imagine if ever pigeon in a NYC park was a huge, loud, black crow. That is what Yoyogi Park is like. 


The fact that one of the first listed “professions” in my Japanese textbook is housewife says a lot about the culture here. Would changing the language change the way a society thinks and operates?