Getting cash. 

Waited again for sushi. This has become a common theme. I can't even properly fit a whole piece of sushi in my mouth so why do I enjoy eating it so much? 


Went to see a silent film (not even music) in the early afternoon because I figured I'd still be able to figure out what was going on. The movie theater was sterile and filled only with grey hair heads. Let's just say there was a lot of snoring throughout the film that made up for its silence. Made me wonder—is this where people come to nap during the day? Since there are no public areas to hang out, not even parks to lounge in. 

Why we see the world in rectangles? Screens? Through windows? Camera view finders? Even this website, I've broken into rectangles. Does that make life more digestible—to break it down into geometric shapes?

Computers: we design on it and for it. What if I don’t want to design for it? Do I still need to design on it? I want to be on my computer less often but I am only being taught to be more reliant on it.