Embarking on a week long trip to other parts of Japan. Feels like my first big trip in life—it will be the first time I’m traveling far and alone and with not too many specific plans. First stop, Nagoya.

Already a lot more homeless people spotted. People jaywalking, trash on the streets. Makes me think of Tokyo differently—Tokyo is a lot more uptight. 

Had an eel lunch on the top floor of a mall yet again. It took me 20 minutes to find and I was ready to give up by the time I found it. Is Japan just hubs of departments stores and restaurants connected by trains? Whats in between?

People stopping to take photos and blocking my way makes me stop and look longer myself at the thing. I almost thank them.

I wouldn’t want to live in a castle. The stairs are too steep, the wood too dark, the views too shallow compared to my vantage point, and the guards too plentiful.