Noodles for breakfast. At a shrine. Surprised more people don’t take advantage of that?


The joy of getting to mosaic museum. Mosaic museum, being inside, feeling the structure. The contents of the mosaic museum are nothing to write home about, however, the building itself, designed by Terunobu Fujimori, was incredible. Felt very fitting in its environment. And the experience inside felt fitting with the contents of the museum.

Everyone—and I mean everyone—on the packed train away from the city got off at the same stop. It was not even close to being the last stop. Very disorienting and felt like a planned prank. Only once the herd began to move did I realize they were all pretty much the same age. There must have been a school in the area?

Walking in the middle of nowhere. Constantly thinking, how did I get here? Taking a bus through the back roads of tiny villages. Still thinking, where am I going?

All I am thinking is: my adventures, brought to you by Google Maps.

I feel like Japan must be one of the best places to do this sort of spontaneous "see everything" trip because it’s super easy to get around, things are accessible, and I have not once felt unsafe or threaten or in danger or hopelessly lost.