I’ve really enjoyed the journey of getting places. The process of arriving. The build up to a plan.


Took so many trains today. Days can be pleasantly long. And things really do take less time than I expect.

Went to the Site of Reversible Destiny—an experimental art park that questions our interaction with space. There were a variety fo structural forms that this experiment took on. All of which were new to me. I absolutely loved the concept. It was hard to get to and near nothing. It was next to an amusement park, kids playground, and outdoor food court. All of which were very abandoned at the time I went. Yet, the fact that I was very alone there felt very fitting. I felt like I was trapped in some weird dream, especially when I was walking on an abstracted map of New York City at one point. One part of it reminded me of the movie Arrival—I'd be shocked if the creators of that film have never heard of this place.

Ise Grand Shrine was absolutely spectacular. It is a place where the shrines are rebuilt every 20 years right next to the previous one. The placement alternates back and forth each time, so right next to the current standing one is the perfectly outlined floor plan in the form of rocks. Such an art requires the generations of master builders to never die out. This art of duplication and passing along such a tradition is so beautiful to me. The light when I went was perfect, it was golden hour and everything was glowing. 

Once I arrived in Osaka, all I was craving was okonomiyaki. I had previously researched a popular place located in a huge train station. I ended up turning back once I was on my way to go to a local place near my hostel because that felt more welcoming to me than a possible tourist trap with a long line and a paired down English menu. 

Most tourists I see are old people? All Japanese of course. I get the sense that after retirement—once some money is saved—is when Japanese people travel to see Japan. 

There has already been so many moments on this trip that I know will stick with me forever. I feel it when they’re happening. There’s something in me that stops and processes what’s happening and stores it in a safe place in my brain and heart. A place where I can always turn to to be transported back the moment. I feel like no trip before has ever been this vivid and everlasting. I hope all my future journeys are like this.  

A trash truck making it's routine stops on a street in Osaka.