What started off as two failed plans turned into something lovely. Had the most lovely day just going with the flow and following my desires of the moment.

I was tired and was close to home so had the option to literally go home and rest for an hour. I missed that. Haven’t been able to do that in a while.

Walking through the market, ate what looked good to me. Pufferfish sashimi? Yes. Raw sea urchin (uni)? Yes. Skipped the octopus on a stick.

Communicated the most I’ve ever communicated with other Japanese people today. Proud of myself for not being a total tourist nor making Japanese people feel embarrassed that they can’t communicate well with me.

There is a Takoyaki (Grilled Octopus Dough Balls) Museum and they have the most annoying theme song playing very loudly in the street outside of the entrance.