Japan feels so small since I can take trains everywhere. I got home in no time. It’s weird how the more distance I travel and the more I see, the smaller the planet feels.

Traveling just opens up our mind to what other things can be.

Another cute noise accompanying an announcement. This time on the Shinkansen. My theory is that these exist to wake people up before the train stops. They're like nonaggressive phone alarms. 

Why do I think about where I could be rather than where I am? It’s just hurting me. It’s just making me sad. Came home and watched a movie in my room. I could’ve been anywhere.

Why am I ending my trip in a poor mood? Because I’m not excited about the last place I went to? Because I’m stressed with all I have to do next? How can I go back to that great mindset I had when I was enjoying it all. I’m negative because I’m bummed the one place I really wanted to eat at was closed. Twice. My time in Kobe is an adjustment and layover back to fast life in Tokyo. I think I need to spend the evening reflecting on my trip, writing about it for my website and editing photos to fully process what it is that stuck with me and impacted me.