Picking mom up from the airport made me think about what it will be like when I head to the airport again in a few weeks to leave Japan. What will I think of this place when I actually have to leave? I imagined myself if I was leaving right then and there—and I thought about what I wished I would’ve done before I left.

Transferring to the train towards Haneda Airport. 


American woman sitting next to Mom and I at dinner: was wrongly pronouncing every Japanese word she tried using and was demanding “unfiltered sake” which the Japanese man did not understand. She sat trying to debate what she wanted and was commenting on the flavor of her food as she was eating it. I realized, yet again, how rude people can be to other people without even knowing that they’re being rude. And I think I’m hyper aware of it being here since I’m extra sensitive to my behavior’s impact on others.

What’s up with Japan and its outdoor arcade-style malls? They seem to be the hub of any given “downtown” area. You can be outdoors but feel inside? Shopping sheltered from rain?