Visual communication should say something that just words cannot, shouldn’t it? Communicating an emotion or feeling or mindset.

Am I even interested in communicating an emotion or feeling? Do I want to cause an emotion or feeling?


Communication to me is about clarity—isn’t it? Therefore it feels frustrating that I am unable to clearly communicate, doesn’t it?

I realize that how I communicate my ideas and actions to people greatly affects the I way I perceive them and feel about them. I tend to make things sound duller than they really are to me—I do this in anticipation that the person isn’t too interested. I do not want to waste the person’s time nor bore them. I’ve watched other people communicate, but have I really learned how to myself? This trip feels like a test to my communication skills.

How is my language expanding—beyond just learning how to speak some Japanese? Am I creating a new vocabulary for myself in Japan?