Numbers seem to be universal. One of the first things we learned in my Japanese class was numbers. They're the one thing both I and a Japanese person could recognize and understand at the same time. How can I communicate with just numbers—or is that just the role of a computer?

Is visual communication best when communicating without written or spoken language? Is it strong enough?

Why do I look up when I hear my name being called? Spoken language is just noise. Written words are just strokes/pixels that align in a certain way. How did we come to make sense of it all?

How does the visual world communicate? Is it all about symbols? Is it because as humans we are able to draw conclusions or assumptions as to why we are seeing what we are seeing?

And there are even differences here in the ways people communicate here—I can see it with their body language and facial expressions. Even in the way their language is constructed and the meanings of certain symbols.