Mom says to enjoy the process. I’ve enjoyed the process of many things but why am I usually scared of wasting my time during the process? I worry a lot about how my time is “curated”, so to speak, so no minute goes to waste. The process of cooking, for example, I love because I don’t exactly know how it’s going to turn out—I just wing it most of the time. Why can’t I do that more when it comes to using my time? No matter what comes from the process, there’s always something to learn. There is always something to take away from an experience, whether good or bad, so I need to stop worry about it all being perfect. Today, I did that. I just kinda walked where I wanted to walk, with some basic idea of where I wanted to go but I didn’t force anything and I barely looked at my watch or phone. 

Had lunch at a female run cafe—yet again—that only really serves a quiche of the week.