There are areas within public restrooms that are just counters and mirrors for when people are doing their makeup. Women are expected to look a certain way. And are expected to come across as cute and less smart than the men. 

People here either protect their tradition or idolize western ideals. Two very different extremes that don’t seem to let go at all.


There is no individuality here. I get the sense that people are afraid to stand out, afraid to be different, afraid to be who they truly are. They seem afraid because the culture here is not forgiving to those who deviate from the “norm”. When they’re not afraid, they receive enormous amounts of judgment. Maybe this is why they wear so many brand names, they feel that a brand can speak for what they want to be.

Today I learned that it is common for a man and woman to get married, but once children are brought into the world, the man will see other women and have girlfriends.