Japan is forcing me to heighten all of my senses. Taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. How are all of these senses impacted every day? Is bring receptive to your senses a purely personal experience that occurs within the body that only you experience? This may be why I enjoy sharing meals with others so much—I know that they too are tasting what I’m tasting and we are individually experiencing a shared sense.

Being here and exploring the culture makes me want to watch other cultures—to have my sense activated differently.


The idea of a travel guide is really strange to me. There’s so much to see in one place. There’s so much to understand about how it functions. Really getting to know a place and remember it is truly about a personal connection to a place. I will remember certain things because I discovered it and did not follow a recommendation. I’m learning how important I am in the process of traveling. My perception of a place is defined by how I see it and what I see and how my senses are stimulated.